Naturally at your service

Excellent services for horses and riders

At PratiSaiano, everything is designed to offer you an unforgettable experience and the best services. Our spaces are large and completely renovated, our team is made up of expert professionals, and each activity is approached with passion, competence and care, aiming for the best possible well-being for the horses.

Horse nutrition

we pay close attention to the diet of horses and the products they are fed. The diet includes 3 meals a day, grains and specific hay based on age, Crock, different types of certified non-GMO feed, and supplements. Another benefit? Mash is included, which means more fiber supplements for your horse.


we work with an expert farrier, with whom we regularly organize the shoeing of horses.


our trusted vet cares for the entire stable, respecting a strict schedule for vaccines and other treatments. Our professional team is ready to take care of all the other needs of your horse.


on request, for a fee, our team can take care of the preparation and entire management of your horse, including training and grooming.


thanks to agreements with the best retailers, we offer excellent quality horse clothing and equipment for sale.


a complete laundry at your disposal, for a fee, to wash all riding equipment, from blankets to saddle pads.

Horse solarium

paid service to dry your horse in the coldest periods.


a dedicated, comfortable and safe space to store your horse’s saddle and tack, complete with a private wardrobe for your personal equipment.

Changing room

a room where you can get changed in complete tranquility, with private and secure lockers for clothing, shoes and boots.